With only limited space inside your van you want to create multiple uses for every bit of space whenever possible. A common concept in campers and RVs is to allow the sitting area and the table top to transform into a bed. You can do the same for around $50 and a weekend.

Here is the finished table (you can also see the solar charge controller). Read the instructions on how to build your own campervan table below.


  • Birch Plywook (1x)
  • Wood Stain (of your preferred shade) (1x)
  • Clearcoat (1x)
  • Foam Brushes (4x)
  • Camper Table Legs (1-2x)

Step 1: Measure & Cut Tabletop Dimensions

To create the right table that can be used as a bed during the night (or when you are feeling lazy), the table top should be exactly the length of your benches and exactly the width of the remaining space in between your benches. That way when the table is in the bed position, you will have a close to seamless surface for your matress.

Step 2: Sand, Stain Tabletop

To make the table durable and look great inside your vehicle, you should sand down the wood and apply your stain until you receive the desired shade.

Step 3: Clearcoat

Use the foam brushes to apply a thin layer of clearcoat all the on the top and the sides of the tabletop and let it dry. Times may vary depending on the clearcoat you are using so check the labels.


This is the table top after the first coat of clear. This is when I decided to add a few more to get the shine of the finished picutre above.

Step 4: Sand & Clear Again

You can add more layers of clear to make the grain stand out even more thant it already does. Just make sure to wet sand with pretty fine sand paper. I did this 4-5 times and it looks absoutely amazing.

Step 5: Add the Table Mounts

I found the table legs & mounts on eBay for around $15 each.

Tip: To find your set of table legs simply go on eBay and search “camper table legs” and you will find a ton of results. Table height was a big concern for me. My benches are a foot tall without the 3 inch memory foam cushions and I chose 24 inch tall table legs. The proportions are just right in my case.

I could have used only one table leg but for stability purposes & due to the size of the table, I added two legs and it holds up perfectly when driving around. I simply screwed the mounts into the table making sure the screws I used would not punch through the top. The floor mounts I screwed directly into my wooden floor (which is anchored to the frame with sheet metal screws).

Step:6: All Done

You now have a table that you can remove with ease. To make a bed, you must use two 2x4s and mount them to the side of your benches such that the table top can sit comfortably between the benches without creating a bump (it helps to use the same thickness of wood for the bench tops and table top. There will be a dedicated blog post to making the seat cushions, covers and the bed in the future

Overall the project took barely an afternoon except for the additional clearcoats that I chose to apply. They are not necessary but make the grain of the table look absolutely amazing.

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